“Mark is a true expert in the field of Search Marketing. While many people may claim this title, Mark has proven experience on some of the toughest SEO challenges a client could have. He is excellent at client service, has a deep understanding of what works and doesn’t work, has been hands on in his approach and can quickly cut through the BS. In an industry were integrity and results matter, Mark excels at both.” – Sean Jackson, Technology Director & Co-Founder at Scribe SEO / CFO at Copyblogger Media

“Mark is a top notch SEO strategist and was essential in our web turnaround project. Working with a partner like this provides not only the results to our company, but Mark also help to raise the SEO IQ of my team members.” – Andrew Harsch, Sr. Solutions Manager at BMC Software

“Mark is the consummate SEM professional, with years of experience,and a variety of experiences including hands-on technical skills, developing SEO/SEM best practices, business development, and client services. He is an industry “insider”, and knows what works today, as well as what will work tomorrow. I highly recommend Mark Barrera for anyone needing help with search engine marketing services.” – Dan Sturdivant, Content Marketing Manager / Creative Director, Creative Support

“I met and spoke on a panel with Mark at a local SEO Mastermind group with an audience of 30 – 40 people last year. Although, I have known of him for several years. There are few in Dallas who have as much experience not only from the technical side of SEM, but from the multi-faceted best practices SEO process, business development, and client communication needed to help companies from the ground up. He’s a regular speaker at local and national groups on timely and classic talks on SEO/SEM and is excellent at commanding the audience’s attention. I have seen his career over the span of the last few years and can without reservation say he has what it takes to run, manage, or develop your SEO/SEM strategy.” – Neil Lemons, SEO/SEM Manager at PFSweb

“I worked with Mark for several years on various search engine marketing projects and his overall knowledge of the industry and professionalism have my utmost respect. I would be happy to work Mark again.” – Bill Hartzer, President, Search Engine Optimization @

“Mark delivers great results in every program he manages. Easy to work with and very reliable. I highly recommend Mark.” -Durk Price, PresidenteAccountable OPM

“Mark is thorough, a stickler for details and great with clients. He communicates well with other departments and “speaks their language” – Stefan Weise, Creative Director / Front-End Developer, Vizion Interactive

“Expert knowledge and incredibly personable are two phrases that accurately describe this internet marketing professional. Mark Barrera has always been a pleasure to work with. He has an in depth understanding of everything online. A+ for Mark. I highly recommend him to any company!” – Jan Eliason, Online Marketing Manager, at

“If you are one of the top internet marketers in the world, I have news for you. Mark knows internet marketing more than you do and on top of that, he is more productive with his knowledge than you are. Mark is simply top notch!” – Jonathan Albrecht, PGA Tour Player Manager / Agent, Bigtechs Sports Marketing

“Mark is extremely knowledgeable about SEO, internet marketing, campaign management, etc., and he has helped me increase traffic to my sites by over 10x. I would recommend (and have recommended) Mark to anyone needing this type of service.” – Mike Shaffer, Programmer / Entrepreneur

“Mark is one of the most brilliant SEO’s I know. His knowledge of the search industry and internet marketing strategies is unmatched and I consider myself lucky to have worked with such a talented person. Not only is he a remarkable professional but also one of the most pleasant people I have had the chance to work with. I would definitely work with him again, given the opportunity.” – Kimber Cook, Search Specialist, Masterlink Interactive

“Mark Barrera is by far one of the most professional individuals I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. He is very well spoken, presents himself well, and is very creative and forward thinking. His knowledge of SEO Marketing and page ranking is second to none. Mark was, without argument, a driving force for Masterlink and an individual that produced tangible results. I highly recommend Mark.” – Tim Sweatman, IT Manager, MasterLink Interactive