SEO Audits

An SEO Audit is a great way to have your web site analyzed to diagnose problems and provide ways to improve the search friendliness of your site.

There are many reasons to do an SEO Audit.

  • Has your site experienced a drop off in search traffic?
  • Have you relaunched your website and experienced issues after the site launch?
  • Do you just want to know the SEO strengths and weaknesses of your website ?
The SEO Audit Report will show you:
  • HTML Issues (CSS, Java, etc)
  • Title / Meta Description Isssues
  • Img Alt Tag Recommendations
  • Canonicalization Issues
  • Server Issues (Redirects / 404 Errors / etc)
  • Sitemap Recommendations
  • Robots.txt Issues
  • Analytics Configuration Issues
  • Linking Concerns