Barrera Search Marketing provides expert online marketing services trusted by hundreds of websites from the US, to Canada, to Europe,  to Australia.  To help clients achieve top results with their web site, Barrera Search Marketing offers the following services:


  • SEO Audits – Our diagnosis of your website will provide insights into road blocks causing search engine ranking issues and identify other organic search opportunities.
  • SEO Retainers – A monthly retainer allows us to become a part of your business and provide the best recommendations on an ongoing basis for your business.
  • Link Building – The number and kind of inbound links to your website are important for establishing your website’s search engine ranking. We help you increase the number and quality of the links to your site.
  • Local SEO – To make sales, small businesses need to attract, persuade, and convert visitors into customers. In addition to an optimized website, we can help you be included in Google Places, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and service review sites.
  • Product Feeds – We help you list and describe your products so they can be accessible to product aggregators like search engines, price comparison websites, and affiliate networks in order to facilitate e-commerce.
  • Copywriting – Content is key when marketing your site.  We offer the expert assistance you need for a cohesive content plan from strategy to content creation.
  • Video SEO – Video is a powerful way to communicate with potential customers and improve your search results. Optimizing your videos will make them easier for users to find via YouTube and the major search engines.


  • Google Adwords – Our expertise will help you easily advertise with Google Adwords to reach users all over the web and drive conversions.
  • MSN adCenter (Bing & Yahoo Ads) – With our assistance you will be found by the 1/3 of web searches that are outside of Google.
  • Facebook Ads – Ads targeted by location, age and interests using one of the most popular social media sites are a powerful way to connect with and impact customers.
  • Retargeting – Identifying and engaging consumers who have previously visited your site is a powerful way to increase conversions.
  • Shopping Feeds – We help you optimize and automate changes in your product listings to be included on shopping websites like Amazon, Biz Rate, Biz Buyer, Price Graber and Google Product Search.
  • YouTube Advertising – 800 million people visit YouTube every month. We can help you build customer relationships and drive more customers to your business from YouTube even without having to create video content.

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy – Our team will help you use social media in a way that aligns with the strategic goals of your business.
  • Community Management – We provide resources for maintaining your social media accounts to keep users engaged while growing your community.
  • Facebook Ads – Ads targeted by location, age and interests using one of the most popular social media sites are a powerful way to connect with and impact customers.
  • Twitter Ads – Promoted Tweets allow you to extend the reach of your Tweets to a broader audience. Promoted Accounts help turbocharge your follow rate to build a strong base of Followers.

Agency Solutions – We partner with agencies of all types (PR / Web design / Traditional marketing / etc) so that you can offer search marketing services to your clients.

Quit listening to fly by nights and scouring the web for information.  Contact via the form on this page or call Mark Barrera at 214-908-0954 so that you can start improving your business today.